Brisbane Paediatric Dentistry Services

Brisbane Dentist for ChildrenBrisbane Paediatric Dentistry is a specialist paediatric dentist providing excellence in specialist dental care for your child in a calm relaxed professional setting. We offer an extensive range of paediatric dental services including:

Examination and diagnosis: At the initial consultation, Dr Linnett will aim to get to know your child in a relaxed friendly environment which may include some or all of the following… learn more

Caries risk assessment: We now know that caries (tooth decay) is a chronic preventable infectious bacterial disease. It is also due to many factors being present over time… learn more

Preventive treatment: There are a number of preventive regimes available to treat tooth decay medically. Research has now shown that fillings alone don’t prevent further decay… learn more

Restorative dentistry or fillings: Although we focus on prevention, inevitably some children will experience tooth decay and some children will come to our surgery for management of existing decay… learn more

Pulp therapy or baby teeth root canal treatment: Sometimes tooth decay causes infection inside the tooth or jaw bone. In this situation, it is too late to place a filling and the tooth needs more complex treatment known as pulp therapy… learn more

Complex paediatric dental treatment: Some types of treatment that may be advised for children with tooth decay… learn more

Treatment under Sedation with Happy Gas (nitrous oxide/oxygen): Nitrous oxide oxygen sedation is very safe and helps mildly anxious but potentially cooperative children to receive treatment… learn more

Treatment under general anaesthesia: Very young children, very anxious children or children requiring multiple painful procedures may be best treated under general anaesthesia… learn more

Nutritional advice: Among the risk factors for dental caries is providing sugary or starchy foods and drinks that the bacteria metabolise into acid… learn more

Bite assessment and specialist orthodontic referral: As part of every examination, Dr Linnett will assess your child’s bite. If there is a malocclusion developing, referral to a specialist orthodontist will be provided at the appropriate time… learn more