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My child doesn’t eat much sugar but still has cavities. What is going on?

There are many factors involved in tooth decay and it is not just sugary foods that can contribute. In fact, any type of carbohydrate can be turned into acid by the bacteria in the mouth, even things like bread, savoury biscuits, rice, potato, and pasta. Most people don’t realize that it is the number of times per day that food is eaten that is
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Role of Diet

Bacteria ‘eat’ carbohydrate, in particular sugars and starches in the diet. The waste product from the bacteria is acid. It is the frequency of eating carbohydrate, not only the quantity, that influences whether your child gets tooth decay. For example, a child using a sippy cup or bottle may consume sweetened liquids many times per day. ingested. In general, more than 3 snacks of
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