Treatment under General Anaesthetic

Very young children, very anxious children or children requiring multiple painful procedures may be best treated under general anaesthesia.

Our team of paediatric specialist anaesthetists are available to discuss any concerns you may have regarding the general anaesthetic.

Treatment under GA is done at:

  • Eight Mile Plains in our specially equipped rooms

Safety of General Anaesthesia compared to deep sedation

Our team of specialist anaesthetists offers the safest form of treatment compared to sedation where there is no control of the airway. Often the level of sedation required to perform painful procedures on young children results in loss of consciousness. This may result in a very young patient not being able to maintain an airway which is extremely dangerous.

Although the thought of treatment under general anaesthetic may concerning, it enables your child to have optimum treatment without the stress of injections and multiple appointments in a safe and controlled environment with state of the art monitoring.

In some instances a Sedation with Happy Gas (nitrous oxide/oxygen) may be all this is required. Read more here.