Restorative dentistry or fillings

Although we focus on prevention, inevitably some children will experience tooth decay and some children will come to our surgery for management of existing decay.

We offer comprehensive restorative treatment for the lifetime maintenance of teeth. Treatment recommendations will be discussed with parents and may include:

  • white or tooth coloured fillings for small cavities
  • stainless steel crowns for back teeth too badly decayed for white fillings to last. These are now available with a white veneer so they can be tooth coloured
  • white or tooth coloured resin crowns for front teeth with extensive decay

To ensure your child’s dental visit is as pain free as possible and to do quality dental treatment, we recommend routine use of local anaesthetic. This will always be discussed prior to use. It is not possible to remove all decay without the use of local anaesthetic. Fillings done without local anaesthetic are likely to fail which often results in the tooth becoming infected

For some children, dental treatment may be too upsetting and Dr Linnett will discuss with parents the provision of treatment under sedation or general anaesthesia.