Should I take my baby to the dentist?

Is it important to take my child to a paediatric dentist as a baby? Dentists recommend taking your child to the paediatric dentist with the appearance of the first teeth or by 12 months of age. This is to provide parents with information about preventing later dental problems. Prevention is much better than waiting for a problem to develop, because by then, dental treatment can be costly both emotionally and financially.

Young children who have a series of early visits where no treatment is required are able to build trust and coping skills. In the event that a child needs treatment  later, they are accustomed to the dental surgery and familiar with the dental team and are much better able to accept treatment.

A child who has no experience of dental visits is much more likely to be apprehensive and frightened and unable to cope with dental procedures.

Going to your paediatric dentist for checkups where good dental habits have been in place can be fun.

Children who are good dental patients grow up to be good adult patients.