Things To Consider When Picking A Dentist

Why Choose a Specialist Paediatric Dentist?

Choosing the right Dentist for your child can be very confusing. Like a Paediatrician who is a doctor for children, a Paediatric Dentist is a dentist specially trained to treat children

Here is a check list to help you decide

·         Qualifications and Training

Many dentists have an interest in treating children. A Specialist Paediatric Dentist has been back to University and studied for a further 3 years in all aspects of Dentistry for Children including behaviour management, advanced restorative techniques for children’s teeth, with emphasis on special needs and medically compromised children.

These dentists went back to University because they wanted to be able to offer the best treatment available to kids, and they genuinely have an interest in your child’s dental care.

·         Experience in Treating Children

A Paediatric Dentist has a special interest in children, usually because they like to treat kids. Dr Linnett and her staff enjoy working in a children’s practice, most being mothers themselves. By bringing your child to a Paediatric Dentist, you are giving your child the benefits of being treated by staff who are experienced in treating children and understand the particular problems treating a young child can involve.

Dr Linnett has been in practice for 30 years and is the most experienced Paediatric Dentist in Brisbane, having worked in Brisbane’s first Paediatric Dental Practice and establishing one of the two second Paediatric Practices in Brisbane.

·         Child Friendly Waiting Rooms and Surgeries

Paediatric Dentists will mostly have an abundance of child oriented toys and distractions for kids so visiting the dentist is less stressful and more fun. All Paediatric Specialist staff like working with kids and this helps to foster a relaxed environment and more success in managing kids who are nervous.

·         Information to be Cavity Free for Life

Your Paediatric Dentist is much more than someone who treats kid’s teeth. She can provide a wealth of information about nutrition and diet, as well as preventive strategies to keep teeth healthy.

Many parents are unaware of the impact that some feeding practices have on teeth, for instance prolonged night time breast and bottle feeding, and frequent eating.

We aim to help your child grow into an adult who is not only free of cavities, but happy to go to  the dentist .